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The ultimate stack for all competitive athletes who are on a contest preparation diet and for those who simply want to get into the best shape of their life. It does not matter who you are or what your purpose with dieting down and losing weight is, you will not find a more potent, effective and comprehensive stack of products than these ones designed by renowned American bodybuilder and contest preparation coach, Matthew Porter. As a product creator and nutrition coach, he has put in a tremendous amount of work into developing these products over the years: JUST for the sake of your results! ”VasoSeries Stack” consists of the three products ”VasoBurn”, ”VasoSeven” and ”VasoDry.”

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    To give you the best possible results, MPA Supplements have made sure to provide you with a product to use during each phase of your diet: during, peak and last but not least, the end. ”VasoBurn”, ”VasoDry” and ”VasoSeven” are products that are each individually designed to serve their own unique purpose during each of these times within your diet. All products are intended for topical use (directly on the skin). 

    ”VasoBurn” can be used at any given point of time in your diet, but it makes the most sense as well as the most evident results, if you start using it when you first experience that ”stubborn fat” beginning to show its’ prescence. Areas such as the glutes, the lower back as well as the lower abdominal area, are all parts of the body that are notorious for hanging on to fat tissue until the bitter end, even when dieting religously anfd following a brutal training regime. The gel is to be applied to these areas 1-2 times a day, and it is recommended that you stop using it when you are one week out from your bodybuilding or physique show, your photoshoot or your special event where you will be showing off the shape of your life. This is the time to switch to ”VasoDry.” 

    ”VasoDry” is intended to be used during the last week of the diet. When using this gel, you will experience all subcutaneous (under the skin) water being sucked out, and it is recommended that you use 4 pumps 2 times a day up until the day of the event (8 pumps a day total). ”VasoDry” should be applied to the same areas as ”VasoBurn”, and after the day of the event has passed, it is time to switch to the last product of the stack; ”VasoSeven.” 

    The last product of the stack, ”VasoSeven”, is supposed to be used right after you have been on the stage, at the photoshoot or shown off the shape of your life at a special event. In other words: as soon as you start upping your daily calorie intake again. ”VasoSeven” is a unique product in the sense that it keeps everyone’s worst nightmare away: gaining to much worthless body fat right after you shed it all off and stood in the shape of your life. ”VasoSeven” will help you maintain leanness by mitigating the stress hormone cortisol, and icreasing the metabolic rate through active thyroid (T3) potentiation. Each pump of ”VasoSeven” delivers 25 mg of 7Keto™, which is naturally occuring metabolite of the transport molecule DHEA, and it is recommended that you use 4 pumps 2 times a day, meaning that you should use 200 mg a day. The gel should be applied to areas such as the abdominal region, the inner arms and thighs as well as the neck area. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that ”VasoSeven” can also be used when the calories are at their very lowest point during the dieting phase, to support your metabolism and regulate the cortisol levels when the body is under the biggest pressure.In the case, you can use ”VasoBurn” during the early AM hours of the day and ”VasoSeven” in the evening. This is because you want to burn subcutaneous fat during the first half of the day with ”VasoBurn”, and then burn Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT) later on in the day during the evening hours with ”VasoSeven”, since 7Keto™ has been demonstrated to initiate visceral fat (fat that surrounds the internal organs) oxidation via anti-glucocorticoid properties. This happens when an enzyme called 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11B-HSD1) is inhibited, and a blockade of cortisone to cortisol conversion from going back and forth happens.

    Additional Information

    IngredientsVasoBurn: Vand, Ethyl Akohol (økologisk), Dimethyl Isosorbid, Ethoxydiglyocl, 3-Aminopropanoisk Syre, Yohimbine HCl, Triethanolamin, Teofyllin, Zingiber Officinale (Ingefær) Rod Ekstrakt, Karbomer, Hindbær Keton, Benzyl Nikotinat, Trans-Kanelaldehyd Olie,
    Directions”VasoBurn”: Påsmøres 1-2 gange dagligt indtil 1 uge før den store dag. ”VasoDry”: Brug 4 pump 2 gange dagligt i ugen op til den store dag. Altså: 8 pump dagligt i alt. ”VasoSeven”: Brug 4 pump 2 gange dagligt (200 mg i alt).
    WarningsBrug ikke produkterne hvis du har allergi over for nogle af indholdsstofferne. Særlige advarsler Opbevares utilgængeligt for børn. Bør ikke træde i stedet for en sund og varieret kost. Beregnet til raske personer over 18 år. Konsulter altid med læ
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